Waffle House or Awful House? This Story Will Make You Think Twice


This shocking news story will make you think twice before eating at a Waffle House or, at least, make you definitely watch who is preparing your food and how it is prepared. In a Waffle House located in Forrest City, Arkansas employees were recorded working on more than just preparing food in the kitchen. They were recorded in this open kitchen dipping their hair into pots of water that were to be used for cooking. This incident was recorded by cell phones and shared with media as well as local and state health departments so that the proper measures can be taken to ensure the public’s health and safety.


This kind of news tends to make Waffle House an awful house. Now I happen to like my hash browns covered smothered chunk dice sliced and all of the rest of the fancy terms that come along with the greasy truck stop style food that they offer. But I could sure do without the employees doing their hair in the food. This is just as bad as Burger King when an employee there was recorded standing on the lettuce and tomatoes before serving them on sandwiches, or the Taco Bell where the employee was recorded licking the tortilla shells before making tacos.


The maturity level of those handling your food and the level of dignity in which they conduct themselves with today is often questionable. Should you find a place where you are eating to have questionable standards or employees handling, your food wrong bring it to management’s attention. If you are still not comfortable, go elsewhere to eat because food poisoning is nothing to play with.

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