Wake Up Already Americans – You Don’t Have it That Bad

The real shocking truth is that here in America we take our day-to-day lives for granted. We believe that we have it bad and things are rough. Yet in other countries people literally are starving to death and dying in the streets due to lack of food and clean water. Let them come here and watch us do our ice water bucket challenges and things of this nature and see how they feel. Let you go there and walk a day in their lives even more so try living there in their lives.

Then come back here and do some of the nonsense things we do. Hose off sidewalks there’s a great one! Try a broom your lazy ass! The country of Venezuela has citizens in it that no this problem all too well. Currently the government in Venezuela is collapsing. Not just falling apart at the seams or having a bad day they are falling the f*** apart! They are unable to provide electricity water or food for their citizens. There is no protection.

No police, firemen, or ambulances. There’s no garbage pickup and no sewage. Imagine for a moment if you will what would happen in the United States of America should the grocery store shelves be empty, should there be no running water, and the electricity out everywhere. If you don’t think this can come then you are naïve my friend.

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