Wake Up Now or It Will Be Time to be Judged by Mother Earth Herself

Want to hear some news that you can consider the shocking truth? Well here it is, you better learn survival techniques because life is going to change as you know it soon and that is the shocking truth. From weaponized insects, weaponized weather, and things such as mass vaccinations via air particles you can bet life will not stay the same for long. If we’re lucky, it’ll end up like judgment day in Terminator where it goes quick and painlessly.

Unfortunately, we know this is not the way of humankind. It will be a slow agonizing demise unless we open our eyes up now and try to make a change before it’s too late. We ravish our planet on a daily basis in the name of evolution. Yet when you’re destroying yourself how are you evolving? Isn’t the point of evolution to become better? Otherwise, you’re never truly evolving no matter how advanced you become.

It’s sad that many out there go blindly about their daily routine. Falling victim to conformity these people ultimately are helping in the undoing of society. How many countless genius minds are being wasted at a nine-to-five job instead of applying their unique thoughts and talents to the preservation of humankind for the future? How many Einsteins are stuck in a McDonald’s? The shocking truth is it may surprise you to find out what an educated individual who’s not willing to break the law will do in order to survive.


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