Was the Lunar Landings All a Fake?

The shocking truth is the entire moon landing or lunar landing if you will was fake according to many. Countless hours of research on the subject has led me to believe this to be true. Even our own NASA astronauts have said we have never been to the Moon while conducting live interviews on the spot from the space station. This doesn’t mean we haven’t made outer space but we never landed on the moon as of yet.

The entire deal with the space program was a way for individuals to embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars for decades from hard-working tax-paying American citizens. We don’t like that s*** and they don’t want the truth exposed. When you look at NASA’s website you will see pictures lunar landings that have been judged and planetary pictures that have been photoshopped by people with senses of humor.

These people put hidden messages in the clouds like sex come to think of it I think it was the same guy who did the animation for The Lion King! Now there’s some shocking truth.


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