Was This Just Another Prank or is That a Real Werewolf?

Werewolves are something that have been a part of human culture since the dawning of civilization. These iconic creatures are said to be half half human creatures of the night. Also referred to as Likens these creatures turn it into a beast like wolf creatures during a full moon and rubbish everything in sight. Recently in the streets of Brazil on March 28th of 2016, a video was published that showed a werewolf running what appeared to be clearly through the streets located in Brazil a few months earlier!

The shocking truth is that werewolves are real, they do exist, and they are going to f****** eat you! If you live in Brazil, lock your doors, close your windows, and hide your chickens. Take a look at the video for yourself to decide whether you believe this is a real werewolf or perhaps a doped up individual in a costume pulling a hoax?

Many people believe this could be a hoax while some are true believers in the werewolf phenomenon. Brazil does have a history of pulling some great werewolf pranks such as the one you will watch here if you choose. A cabbie plays a werewolf prank on an unsuspecting passenger in Brazil. Could it be it was this cabbie playing a prank on some random people on the streets during the night?

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