Water Bears in Outer Space

We know that you or I can’t survive in outer space without a space suit. There have been many tests apparently on poor creatures and possibly individuals that allowed them to come up with this knowledge. Wouldn’t you have hated to have been the first man to go in outer space and take off your helmet only to find your head freezes instantly and imploded or something crazy like that. There is a creature however that comes from Earth that can live in outer space without any type of special accessories or extras. This creature is known as a Water Bear.


Water Bears are virtually indestructible little animals. They are on the microscopic scale and have DNA that is not of any species. Water bears have a unique way of utilizing DNA. Instead of just having DNA passed down or inherited through genetics water bears have the ability of horizontal gene transfer. This means they collect their genetics from plants, fungi, bacteria, and other types of single-celled microorganisms. These little creatures have astounded scientists for quite some time now. You can stick them inside of things like a freezer and leave them there for an entire year. Pull them out and let them thaw for about 20 minutes, the little buggers are up and running around again. The water bear also has the unique ability to fix and repair its own DNA. It can also adhere foreign DNA to existing DNA.


Just as we begin to think that nothing could survive in outer space on its own we find that a creature on the microscopic scale has this ability. It just goes to show the potential of how life is passed down and not understood. Luckily things like this are being explored more on a daily basis. New breakthroughs and scientific discoveries perhaps could lead to interventions and help for humankind in the future. This was a lie for the countless evolution of life to be carried out throughout the span of time. Perhaps we all evolve from a water bear that crashed here on a meteorite millions of years ago.

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