Water Warriors and The Truth of American Water Companies

Not everybody in America is living the way you think they are. There are many people who live without the common things that many of us have on a regular basis and get by just fine. For example, there are people out there in the United States of America who do not have the luxury of running water. Many people may be shocked to hear this truth, but the fact of the matter is the water companies in the United States of America charge a crazy amount of money for their services.

There are many different people in America that are not consuming 100 gallons of water per day per person. These people are water warriors. By using buckets of water to flush toilet, shower, and clean many of these individuals are utilizing the most extreme form of water conservation. Water is obtained by purchasing it, collecting it at a  friends house, collecting it from rain, as well as obtaining it from rivers, lakes, and streams.

Somewhere in our history, the United States government gained control over one of lifes essential resources. The resource that I’m speaking of is water. Somehow we allowed them to say they own the water and charge us for the water that we consume. Water is not something that our government owns no more than they own the air. However, that is not how they see it.

For example, some water companies charge outrageous amounts of money for water meters. For example in Colorado when a house is foreclosed on the water meter is taken. When the house is sold at auction, they do not tell anybody about it. After somebody buys the house, they find out that it is not just a couple of hundred dollars to get your water turned on. Instead, you must come up with $12,000 to buy a water meter! The shocking truth is corporations are getting away with selling the essence of life!

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