We Are Killing Ourselves Slowly From China to Mexico

Following the trend of China, Mexico has just lifted its alert on air pollution. Mexico City has been much in the same shape that China has been for some time. Over the past decade, the air quality has been dwindling dramatically. This would probably be due to nothing but desert and buildings. Without trees and plants to purify the air, it will become poison and toxic killing everything that comes in contact with it.

China was great about knocking down every square inch of land they have and building it up to the point it has to be built towards the sky now, and their air quality has suffered considerably. Individuals must import air to get a fresh breath of it from a can. Mexico is much in the same condition now thanks to not paying attention to what other places in the world are going through. Ozone levels in Mexico City hit an astonishing 203 points which started the emergency alert on Monday. 180 points is considered to be the threshold for issuing emergency alerts and taking children off of playgrounds as well as preventing cars from driving down the road.

Apparently it only takes 3 or 4 days to get everything back to normal in this sprawling Metropolis that is home to more than 20 million people is back at it polluting the environment again. Government officials around the world are to blame, and people themselves are just as guilty for not being part of the solution but for being part of the problem.

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