We Are on the Brink of an Extinction Level Event

The planet is in despair and at the point of an extinction level event. Weather is showing the signs of this to even the blind. One obvious sign are the floods in areas that are not normally flood-stricken including parts of Europe and the United States as well as South America and other countries.


Meanwhile devastating droughts are knocking out other parts of countries around the world.


Another example is the abnormal weather phenomenon causing temperatures in the North Pole to reach a whopping 50 degrees higher than normal.


There have been microearthquakes taking place all across the United States suggesting proof on the theory that the San Andreas Fault Line will in fact soon have a devastating earthquake. The North Pole has not experienced a storm like this in several decades. In fact, the last time and the strongest storm of all time to occur in this area happened on December 15th of 1986.


Rapid melting of the polar ice caps can cause planetary displacement shifting the earth, and some would say this could have dangerous consequences while others say it is just simply a phase of nature, and there’s nothing to worry about. Who to believe? Who to trust? Just a little food for thought to feed your insatiable urge for knowledge. Share with your friends and ask them what they believe will happen when the North Pole melts!


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