We Aren’t Resistant to the Wrath of Mother Nature

Mama Mia that’s a big boom! The shocking truth is we think that we are impermeable to damage as human beings sometimes. This would be why we do things like build homes and cities at the base of volcanoes.

On the small southern island of Sicily, Mount Etna erupted magma into the skies creating a spectacle for all who witnessed. One of the most dangerous things about Mother Nature is that when volcanoes are erupting, there are usually earthquakes also associated with said volcanoes.

Signs are pointing to a shift in plate tectonics that is going to create an inevitable climate change. If governments around the world don’t cause the climate change from their massive chemtrails and electronic low-frequency waves, Mother Earth will do it on her own to rid herself of the species that have done so much harm to her over the last few centuries. Luckily the clouds formed from the volcanic blast aren’t going to try to terraform anything around there anytime soon.


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