We Could Have Ended World Hunger for the Next 20 Years!

It is crazy the amount of money that we spend on war and military efforts in general. In a recent report by The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, it was determined that “Global military expenditure rose to nearly $1.7 trillion in 2015.” So who is spending the most? Well, Russia was reported spending $66.4 billion in 2015, but this is just a dime in the bucket in comparison to other places. Saudia Arabia spent an estimated $87.2 billion on military efforts while China spent $215 billion.

None of these hold a flame still though to the amount spent by the United States. In 2015 the United States government spent almost $600 billion dollars on military efforts, equipment and other related expenditures. Surprisingly this is actually a 2.4% drop from the previous year. So what could we have done with this money instead. Well according to the UN, ” it would take at least $30 billion per year to solve the food crisis, mainly by boosting agricultural productivity in the developing world.”

So with the amount of money that the U.S. alone spent on military efforts last year we could have ended world hunger for the next 20 years! That’s right folks, instead of raging war on nations and putting our men and women in the frontlines to sacrifice themselves we could have saved thousands of lives and fed the world for the next 2 decades!

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