We Must Unite Against the Lies and Deception

The shocking truth is there are numerous reasons why we need to put our differences aside as a society. Allowing and accepting the fact that everyone is not the same and we’ll have different views when it comes to spirituality, sexuality and other aspects of life will not only help to bring peace to the world it will also give you a piece of mind and help to eliminate unneeded stress from your life. Aside from the fact that we need to set our differences aside and come together as a race for a more peaceful world we also need to do it to save our world.

If we continue to fight over stupid things such as a persons sexuality or religion none of it is going to matter as we will have done nothing to save our planet and it will eventually no longer sustain life. The shocking truth is while the media and governments around the world are trying to play people against one another there are more devastating things occurring around the world that we need to turn our attention to. What recently happened in Orlando was very shocking to everyone, however, those hundred lives are a very small handful when you look at how many people die every day from pharmaceutical prescriptions.

In Orlando, there were 103 victims with 50 of them losing their lives. Every day there are thousands of people that succumb to the devastating effects of pharmaceutical medications and on average 100 people died every day due to the side effects and complications associated with them. That means on a daily basis pharmaceutical companies are in an essence the cause of a mass killing of 100 people on a regular basis.

The shocking truth is some of the bad things you see in the media are only what they want you to see, and they’re actually more horrible and shocking truths to be discovered that they won’t tell you on the 5 o’clock news.


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