Weaponized Weather is Real

Weaponized weather is wreaking havoc and creating chaos around the world. While our nation’s are blanketing the skies with chemtrails, it is tearing the environment apart. Places that should be warm are cold. Places that should be cold are warm. So what’s everyone blaming the weather on now? It used to be El Nino or a La Ninia or what other ever name they could possibly conjure up.

Now it is becoming apparent that weaponized weather is playing an effect on our environment. With global patterns of droughts and floods taking place, it is showing more and more that a combination of chemicals such as aluminum sulfate combined with ELF waves or extremely low-frequency waves are the cause of much of this chaos. This weaponized weather is practiced by just about every country out there.

Countries including the U.S., Russia, and China have several bases where extreme low-frequency waves are blasted at chemtrails across the sky causing all sorts of atmospheric changes.

The air can be super heated in a matter of seconds. If you can control the weather, you can wreak havoc on a country. From weather that could devastate farms and cause agricultural disasters all the way to storms that could level complete cities. All this could be done naturally as opposed to biological or chemical attacks. Weaponized Weather does exist. Look it up. HAARP.

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