Web Toed Hillary and a Chump Named Trump


It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have had a rocky marriage. Former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton aka Slick Willy had a problem with keeping his wiener in his pants. Hillary Clinton is said to be the partially to blame for this because of her revealing her web toes to Bill. Its rumored that not only can she not keep her husband satisfied but she has hideously disfigured web feet. Now supposedly this is just internet rumor of course, but you never know! After all Internet rumor has said many things about Hillary Clinton that have ended up being true. She was rumored to have covered up her emails, and this is proving to be true. She was rumored not to be very good in bed and judging by her husband’s sleeping around this would also prove to be true. Come to think of it are we seriously letting a woman who can’t even keep their husbands penis in his pants run for president of our country?


If she can’t control one prick how will she control millions? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going at it toe to toe contending for a spot as President of the United States. Bashing each other back and forth. Saying how one lacks character and dignity while the other says the same thing. If there’s anybody out there left in this world who believes in the sanctity of marriage, then you might understand this point of view. If you would invite somebody to your wedding, you’re not only having that person as a guest, but they are part of a covenant with God.

They are to be there to help you throughout your life and to encourage the union of you and your partner in holy matrimony. Donald Trump and the Clintons could not be further from this proving that they cannot even do something as simple as keep to their faith. This should show the rest of the nation their lack of ability to run a country. So we have two candidates running for president. One with possibly webbed feet and the other with a webbed head! Perhaps the United States will be blessed, and Bernie Sanders will get the votes of the people. Maybe Donald Trump’s money and Hillary Clinton’s manipulative webbed feet and powers will not control the outcome of this presidential election!


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