Weddings Don’t Always Go As Planned

The shocking truth is not everyone’s wedding day is very magical. We would all like to think that when the time comes for our wedding that things will be just how we have always imagined them being and just how we have seen in fairy tales and movies over the years. The shocking truth is many times this is not how the events of the day unfold. This was the shocking truth for a couple that was holding a wedding reception aboard The Majesty, which is a Boston Harbor Cruise vessel.

During the reception, the boat ran aground George’s Island in the Boston Harbor with 137 passengers and 15 crew members. No one is quite certain as to why the ship grounded, but everyone was delayed and had to be transferred to another vessel. There has also been no clarity on whether or not the couple finally got to seal the deal after the hold up in the harbor. The shocking truth is if you are planning to get married aboard a boat you may need to be prepared for the unexpected as you never know when things will crash upon the shore and have to be rearranged.

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