Weird Stuff Found Inside Human Bodies

When it comes to the human body there’s some rather amazing things that happen with it. There are also some crazy things and downright odd things that people manage to get inside of them. We are going to take a look at some of the oddest things found within the human body and for the most part will leave it up to your imagination to figure out how it got there.


A man went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. Upon x-rays being taken of his stomach the source of his pain was located.  He had a 12 ounce beer bottle stuck up his butt. It manage to completely lodge itself inside his body creating severe discomfort.


A young girl in her early twenties was experiencing some problems with her lady parts. Upon arriving at the hospital and having an examination doctors immediately realized what the cause of the problem was. Apparently she had managed to lodge potatoes inside her vagina, and they were actually starting to grow out of her vagina. Talk about birth control.

keister guy

A Florida inmate was preparing to do a little stint of time. To prepare for his trip, he thought he would pack accordingly. One lip balm container, check, one empty syringe, check, 17 Oxycontin pills, check, six matches, check, one cigarette, check, a coupon, check, and one receipt from CVS. Now that he had all of this all that was left was to pack so he did just that. He packed all of these items into a condom and then up his bum.

sex pistol

Last but not least the list of dumbest things that you could do comes to an end with a 21-year-old girl by the name of Dallas Archer. This Tennessee girl is definitely from down south and apparently has no problem putting anything down south either. She was being arrested but before authorities managed to handcuff her she was able to successfully slip a loaded handgun up her vagina. Upon booking at the police station they discovered this, what some dubbed as a sex pistol, and she was charged with a felony. She’s lucky that loaded handgun didn’t go up inside her vagina! That really would have redefined the term pussy poppin!

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