Were Boy Scouts Dosed with LSD?

The shocking truth about our government is they have done some pretty nasty things in the past. Things such as dosing the future Leaders of America also known as the Boy Scouts with LSD. Of course, they will not openly admit to this. You can find many individuals who will tell you the stories of their childhood. These individuals were excelling in every facet of life.

Many of them were exceptional Scouts and in the Boy Scouts when the unthinkable happened. A secret program was concocted in order to conduct testing experiments on a multitude of different people to see how LSD would affect them. The level of mental disorders have skyrocketed in society today, and many conspiracy theorists believe this is because of the government’s testing of drugs from the late 1940s up until current on unsuspecting individuals.

The Boy Scouts that were dosed with LSD are just one group. Soldiers who defied their duties and ended up in military prisons were also dosed with LSD. This trend continues onward into virtually every group of people as the government conducted tests trying to develop the ultimate drug for creating super soldiers. Whether it was an intelligent world leader or a super-soldier LSD was designed to enhance all the functions and increase the minds capability. The only problem is many people cannot handle what goes on inside their mind when they have been heavily dosed with LSD. Fiction becomes reality, and that is the shocking truth!


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