What A Crappy Excuse

Mysterious mounds have appeared on earth in South America and are rumored to have been put there by aliens. It is said that an alien ship landed and left the imprints. However, science was quick to come up with an explanation. Their ingenious explanation was not this was light reflected off the moon from a downed weather satellite or balloon. Now, this time, they said these mystery mounds were piles of Worm poop. That’s right word poop. Personally, I think this is a crappy excuse for what these Mounds are.

Giant piles or worm dookie! Come on man! My kids could come up with a better explanation than that for these mounds. How about telling people the shocking truth about what these mounds really are?

These mountains are in fact not just only where the alien ship landed, but they are alien eggs waiting to hatch and spawn an alien race to take over the planet. This is why these Mounds are being protected by government officials. What’s coming in the distant future or even in the near future may not be what you think it is, and that is the shocking truth!


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