What Are Those Trumpets Sounds Being Heard Around the Globe?

When we all start to hear trumpets in the sky around the world, perhaps there is something going on. When the government scientists tell us not to worry well you know what time it is then. It’s time to start really worrying! People have been hearing weird noises that have been described as trumpet sounds emanating from the sky.

They are starting to cause alarm for people globally. Neighbors are meeting in the street hearing the sounds at the same time looking to the sky and wondering if they are crazy. Some individuals say that this is a side effect of governments around the world poisoning our water supply in an attempt to control and subdue the human species. This all leads back to the hostile takeover of  the planet Earth by the Obama Administration who is head ambassador to the galactic planets.

This is why you see Stormtroopers on the White House lawn for the first time in history. The sounds of trumpets in the sky are merely the sounds of cloaked spaceships passing by to land in remote areas and on ocean bases. One way or another I would be willing to bet that these trumpet like sounds are Obama’s fault. When it comes to anything that goes wrong on the planet, it’s Obama’s fault, and that’s not a shocking truth!


Check out a video here.

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