What Happened On Mount Everest


The shocking truth is some people will go to extreme distances and measures to try to prove to the world they’re worth. Unfortunately, these people are often mistaken for adrenalin junkies or extreme sports icons. In reality, some of these people are nothing more than individuals that were born without common sense.

One example that is seen in the news and media all too often is individuals who seem to have something to prove. People are constantly trying to climb the summit of Mount Everest, wtf. I mean why would you not just take a plane ride? What purpose do you want in walking up a Mountainside that kills people all the time and has virtually no breathable oxygen? Oh yeah, lack of brain cells in the first place.

The shocking truth is these people are not adrenaline junkies they are just individuals very poor judgment. Just recently Mount Everest claimed four lives and 4 days. Mount Everest has proven that even vegans don’t have the special powers they think they do such as in Scott Pilgrim. A vegan woman found this out while trying to prove to the world that Vegans can do anything. People need to realize our limitations, and there’s some s*** we just shouldn’t do, and that’s the shocking truth.

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