What Happened to San Andreas?

Experts say that a large-scale earthquake estimated to be a 7 on the Richter Scale or better is due to hit San Andreas. When is this earthquake going to hit is the question that many people who live in this area want to know. The sad truth is nobody can predict it as of yet. Signs everywhere point to this event occurring sometime in the near future, though.

Tremors and micro-earthquakes have started that extend up and down the San Andreas fault line in the series of sequential patterns. These patterns have also begun up in the Utah Valley region. What does Utah and San Andreas have in common you might ask. There is a fault line that starts in Utah that connects with the San Andreas fault. Many people believe that this is the major fault line not just the San Andreas.

The fault line in Utah has been acting up quite frequently lately. Numerous amounts of micro-quakes and a pattern leading up to the San Andreas fault have been going on. Experts believe this could be a sign pointing to an inevitable destructive earthquake.


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