What If Everything You Have Ever Been Told Was A Lie

In news that may come off as nothing more than the shocking truth, a government impact study was leaked recently that solidified what many have known for years and that is everything you have ever been told practically is a lie. This horrible test on humankind is a widespread test that has no borders or boundaries. Reaching around the globe touching every human on the planet that is their control group which is millions. The 1 % if you will are those who are conducting this horrible impact study. They are attempting to control humanity in their favor and up until now it has been working.

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This is not something new it has been going on for thousands of years across countless galaxies. The alien 1% goes from planet to planet consuming natural resources and teaching the planets inhabitants to destroy their own planet! Does this sound far-fetched to you? Just take a look at the devastated red planet Mars. Or the Toxic ball of gas known as Jupiter even the fiery ball we call Mercury. All of these planets are prime examples of the 1 percenters and just what they do to planets.

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The 1 percenters are real and they very much do exist. They can’t be touched or ever held accountable for anything because they have built the system around themselves for centuries. Some say they used to be Gods while others say they are demons of the galaxies. One thing is for sure is that it would seem there to be some truth to this story. Just take a look at how the 1 percenters treat the world around them. They live carefree knowing that when the time comes they already have another victim planet chosen.


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