What if Fish, Fished for Humans?

The shocking truth is that life would be a lot different if fish where to fish for people while people were fishing for fish. Have you ever thought about what it would look like? Imagine fish lining up under the water with their poles and what would they use for bait? Some people think the best bait for fish would be a can of beer. Most people who fish love to drink beer. Could you imagine cold cans of beer coasting all along the shoreline and all you had to do was drink it without getting hooked! It would be the funniest shit ever. I almost want to make a cartoon that’s animated with fish that are fishing for people. What would catch and release be like?

Could you imagine dragging a person under the water for 2 or 3 minutes and then pulling the hook out of their mouth and tossing them back out of the water on shore it would be a strange sight. Life is full of mysterious and funny thoughts, and imagination is a very powerful tool. Sometimes the problem with imagination is fiction can turn into reality when you least expect it. Let’s hope that this fiction doesn’t turn to reality and fish don’t start fishing for people anytime soon.

Could you imagine the lures they would use? IPhones, sodas, candy bars, and more. You would catch stoners all day long if you threw a joint on the shoreline. Kind of makes you wonder if the fish are going to eat us what would be their preference. Luckily the fish are hopefully not smart enough to figure out how to bait lines and catch us yet. When they do we’re all in trouble, and that’s the shocking truth.

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