What is With the K-Pop Trend?

An extremely frightening trend is sweeping across America. This trend is grabbing our youth as well as those who are just starting to reach early adulthood. It is massively changing the perception one has towards the general public. The confusion that is occurring is not just happening on the east coast or the west coast. This confusion is reaching the country from top to bottom and side to side. The confusion I am speaking of is none other than K-pop.

Moms and dads across the country are in a panic and are trying to find out information on just what is going on with their sons and daughters. This strange trend has an unusual style and has youth acting in the most precarious way. While some are urging that you cut off all access to k-pop music and culture from your children, others are embracing this craze.

Ever since Gangnam Style came galloping into our lives, many people have found more than just a fascination with K-pop. Many people find the K-pop culture to be consuming. Once somebody starts embracing this craze they become engulfed in all that is K-pop!

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