What! Jesus Was Born in March


When people today reference the birth of Jesus “2k years ago” they’re wrong. This statement is untrue. It all has to do with many things. Things such as daylight savings time, leap year, someone named Dionysius and the fact that there wasn’t a 0 in the calendar at that time. Long story short Jesus was most likely born sometime in March and not in December.


Taking in that I’m not a great mathematician, I looked up what was the most commonly agreed truth with all of this. I found that the 2nd-millennium observation of the birth of Jesus should be held around March of 1995.  The idea of Christmas came from the celebration of Nativity. This celebration didn’t even start until about 300 years after the birth of Jesus.

  • 320 AD, Pope Julius I Named December 25th, the official date of the birth of Jesus.
  • 325AD, Constantine the Great, who was the first Christian Roman emperor, named Christmas to be an immovable feast, held on December 25th.
  • 354AD, Bishop Liberius of Rome gave the official order for his members to all celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th.

The research gets to be a bit confusing so be sure you have some time and plenty of patients. The truth be told we celebrate Christmas on the 25th because that’s what we’ve been told to do. I’m not so sure that was the intention of Christianity. It seems to me, all the lights and presents are meant to lift the spirit in winter. It is sad that Christmas has been so commercialized over the years.


We do things like consuming more power in the month of December than some countries do in a year, have sales where people trample and fight with each other, and create an enormous environmental impact on our planet. We can celebrate the birth of Jesus in ways that don’t destroy the life in which he represents. It’s up to us.

The information is out there. It’s up to you to teach yourself more. If I’ve sparked your curiosity or evoked anger, good. Look into it more. Determine for yourself what you believe to be true, not what someone else tells you is true.

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