What Keeps Making Impact With Mars

The shocking truth is we could be invaded by aliens any day! An alien invasion is set to take place, and they have chosen to make Jupiter their base planet. These aliens have a much higher tolerance for space and obviously can live in a very rugged environment to be able to thrive on Jupiter. Amateur astronomers have been catching the invasion wave landing on Jupiter since back in 1994.

Officials like to say that back in 1994 that Jupiter was struck by fragments from the Shoemaker-Levy9 comet. This was not the only time the alien landing was recorded. In 2010 as well as in 2012 Jupiter again had large enough impacts to be seen from Earth. If you tried to imagine how big something has to be to leave an impact on Jupiter that is visible to the planet Earth it takes a bit of imagination. These are most likely giant mother ships that contain hoards of alien armies that are ready to invade the solar system.

Just recently on March 17th of 2016, it was recorded yet again that an object landed on Jupiter and caused such and explosion it could be seen by a 20-centimeter telescope that was being used by an amateur Austrian astronomer. These impacts are much like that of when the alien ships landed in the ocean in the movie Battleship only difference is these ships would be about half the size of Earth!

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