What Lies Beneath the Ice May Be Why We Are Colonizing the Moon

ice 2

Global warming is having a devastating environmental impact on our planet. The melting of the polar ice caps has brought the severity of the situation to the attention of researchers and scientists. An increased effort to get off of the planet and move to space and beyond is the main focus point for government bodies and corporations alike around the globe. The melting of the polar ice caps will cause a phenomenon that is going to change life on earth as we know it. The first phenomenon was millions of years ago when aliens crashed in the North Pole causing the earth to tilt and go into an ice age.


These alien ships were not destroyed; it was simply damaged beyond the point of flight. The extremely cold weather has bombarded these alien spaceships deep within the ice, and they are thought to be still intact. When the polar ice caps melt these aliens will fix their ships and will be able to once again pilot their ships, and this could be very dangerous as our government and many other governments have stolen much of their technology from smaller crashes in warmer climates.


Another reason for the evacuation of the planet and why so many are looking to move to the Moon and Mars is because it is rumored that when the polar ice caps melt completely the buoyancy of the planet will shift. This will once again cause either an ice age or worse it could send us into a burning ball of fire! Either way, it’s no good for life on Earth and the powers to know this. You will see bases on the moon and further expeditions to Mars within the next few years guaranteed!

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