What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart?

The shocking truth is Amelia Earhart may not have just vanished it could have been intentional. Rumor speculates there are individuals who did not want a woman to show dominance in aviation or show that women were capable of being pilots. This could have sent the aviation world and women’s rights into a whole different movement at an earlier time. Women are still battling today for Equal Pay rights.

On the average women make 17% less than a man does for the same job. Women are not tolerating this any longer and are changing this. Amelia Earhart was a pioneer in her time. In 1937 coincidentally the time when corrupt politicians took over with the signing of the MJ Tax Act and began marijuana prohibition amongst many other things Amelia disappeared. It was after she had met Orville Wright in 1937 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Some say that after this meeting it was apparent that Amelia Earhart was going to spark a new revolution in the movement for women. For this reason, her life was in danger. She knew this, and some say she vanished to live her life out under a different identity peacefully without incident. Others say she was murdered by corrupt politicians and crooked government officials who did not want women to have any kind of power.


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