What The Hell Just Crawled Out of That Derailed Train?

The zombie apocalypse is about to happen! The shocking truth is our worst nightmare of a zombie apocalypse being spun by government conspiracy may have just occurred. A CSX train was reportedly derailed in Northeast Washington on Sunday morning. 13 cars of the reported 175 car train removed themselves from the train tracks. Of course, everyone was told to stay away as this was a chemical leak! A chemical leak! We in the Press know better.

Those who were nearby with cell phones have plastered the internet with pictures of zombie hordes pouring off of these trains and breaking into the streets. It is only a matter of time before a zombie apocalypse outbreak occurs everywhere the frightening thing is these zombies did not look like what you would think. These look more like normal people and normal clothes until you got close to him.

Those who have experienced these horror epic creatures up close saythe only true distinguishing characteristics other than before they try to eat you is the horrible rancid smell! If you’re sitting somewhere and randomly, smell something that resembles something dead beware! A Zombie could be close by.

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