What The Hellfire Was on That Plane

In the shocking news, it is now evident that if you want to smuggle firearms or explosives you don’t have to be high-tech to do it anymore just ship it using commercial airlines! A passenger plane bound for Portland Oregon that was in Siberia was found to have to American Hellfire missiles on board by a bomb-sniffing dog.

These Hellcat missiles run about a hundred and ten thousand a piece and are design by Lockheed Martin-Boeing and the group known as Northrop Grumman. These missiles were originally intended for helicopter launches. They use a laser tracking systems and are extremely state-of-the-art. The FBI in Portland Oregon, of course, said that they did not have any information pertaining to this report as of yet. But we know even if they did they wouldn’t tell us the truth. It almost seems as if America was using commercial airlines to transport military explosives.

They wouldn’t do that would they? Of course, they would! Politicians are really becoming nothing more than a bunch of scumbags! From stealing, murdering, lying to fraud and many other dishonest practices you will never get the truth from a politician!

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