What the S#$% Crazy Cat Lady

Have you ever known that one strange lady or man in your neighborhood? It seems that this individual is always in a rage and mad at the world. Many times these individuals are hoarders of cats. We call them cat people. They are a little different than normal individuals as they do not mind cat hair and feces all over their house. These people also tend to be very restricted and not too friendly to the outside world.

Recent studies have linked rage disorder with cat feces. Apparently when cats shit all over your house, and you breathe it in, it does something to alter one’s brain chemistry. Perhaps this is why cat people are so strange. Individuals who own one or two cats or even several cats can be completely normal when these animals are kept up with. However when individuals start to own 20, 30, 50, or 100 cats or more there are more problems at hand than solutions.

Finding out about how cat feces linked to altering brain chemistry may lead to a potential solution to prevent the future hoarding of these furry animals. Cats are beautiful and majestic creatures but are not meant to be kept in the hundreds by one individual. Trying to convince these individuals of that is like trying to convince them to give up their babies. They often times become very hostile and aggressive. Apparently this is because they are full of cat s***.

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