What, There Is No Drought In California?

The shocking truth about the drought in California is there actually isn’t one! Farmers and residents in California are facing harsh conditions and suffering water restrictions placed on them by the state while the state claims that California is in an emergency situation. Officials claim that California is suffering a five-year drought. During this five-year drought, State officials have handed out numerous citations and fines to people that did not obey the water restriction laws.

According to Donald Trump, there is no drought. When he becomes president, he will fix California’s water problem. Donald Trump says that water is being taken from Farmers and citizens and being diverted to save a three-inch fish known as the Delta Smelt. Apparently if Donald Trump gets into office and wins the presidency the truth about climate change and droughts will come out. This is that they supposedly do not exist.

What not be too hard to fathom that leaders of the world are hoarding and keeping precious resources such as water from the people to create chaos. Chaos produces Financial results that are lucrative for the elite that will never feel the consequences The Tyranny they set forth upon the people. The world may or may not be in a drought and running out of water, or food sources may not end by 2050, the air isn’t polluted it’s actually clean this all according to Donald Trump. What if he’s right that would be a shocking truth!


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