What You’ve Been Taught About Weed is All Lies – Most Likely

The shocking truth is everything that you think you know about marijuana is nine times out of ten a lie unless you have done your own research. For the past eight decades, society has been force fed lies and propaganda surrounding cannabis on the silver platter.

Luckily today thanks to the evolution of the internet and people’s willingness to educate themselves and not believe everything that they hear we are seeing a major movement towards the ultimate end of prohibition of cannabis once and for all. The shocking truth is cannabis has been an effective natural medication available and utilized by people in every walk of life for thousands of years.

It wasn’t until our government got greedy and banned it that people had to turn to synthetic pharmaceuticals. The truth is the government has known all along that cannabis offers amazing benefits and has kept it from the world. Simply Google “U.S. Government patent on cannabinoids” or Google “U.S. Admits that cannabis kills cancer”, and you will open a whole new door of Truth surrounding cannabis that you probably don’t know.


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