What’s Happening To The Big Easy


The shocking truth is you can say goodbye to the Cajun Bayou soon! The state of New Orleans is one that has been ravished by devastating hurricanes and other natural disasters. The swamp land areas are naturally water line and below the water table to begin with. The outer edges of the state of New Orleans had to be built up in order to keep tides and surging water from flooding this tiny state.


Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state of New Orleans showing just how much damage one storm couldn’t feel it. No new date is coming in showing that NASA has in fact confirmed that New Orleans and all of its surrounding areas are sinking into the Earth much faster than anyone had previously imagined. The cause of the city sinking is actually because of dewatering that has been going on in the region.


Removing surface water to avoid standing water is the cause of the city’s sinking. In fact the area is sinking on the average at 2 inches per year. The state of New Orleans only has a few options. That is to leave the water alone. Have some of the population move. Quit building levees to reallocate water. Beyond this, there are not many options. The state will eventually sink, and that is the shocking truth.


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