What’s In Your Shot?

The shocking truth is most people don’t actually know what is in the shots they get at the doctor or local pharmacy. Yet they will allow their doctor to take the syringe and inject them with whatever the doctor says that it is. This has been a bad practice for years by many and as a result of this, a lot of people have become very ill and sick. Personally, myself I don’t do needles at all. I don’t do flu shots, or any other form of shot unless it’s tequila or Jameson.

There have been accounts of the shots being injected into people that are infected with diabetes, cancer, and other biological contaminants that deteriorate health. After all, you go to your doctor to feel better and to stay healthy. Most people believe everything that comes out of the doctor’s mouth. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is not all doctors are good. Just because the individual went to school does not mean they can be trusted. Look at how many of our politicians went to school too.

So this year when the flu shot comes around, or your doctor wants to randomly check your blood or just give you a shot for help tell them no I think I’ll pass this time. There are many natural medications out there that having worked for thousands of years. The influence of manmade prescription pharmaceutical drugs has brought on nothing more than a chaotic effect of addiction and death. Now there’s some shocking news!

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