What’s Really Going on in the Secret Room at Mt. Rushmore?

Did you know that behind President Abraham Lincoln’s head in the Mount Rushmore monument that there is a hidden door? Many people were not aware of this fact including those who have spent much time at the monument. If you have heard of this hidden door and the reason why it is supposedly there and you’re like me you have probably questioned the real truth?

Theory has it that this door opens up to the Hall of Records which was created by the sculptor of Mount Rushmore and was supposed to serve as a place to hold some of the country’s most magnificent moments in history. Supposedly the room is engulfed with porcelain panels that include text from documents such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The shocking truth is though this is probably actually the headquarters of a government experiment or where they are holding the aliens as they keep it very secret and no one is allowed inside. Perhaps this is the real location of Area 51 or perhaps even where they are controlling the weather from. The shocking truth is we will probably never know until they are ready for us to know.


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