WhatsApp and Apple Stand Their Ground for Privacy

An encrypted war of sorts has played our courts involving the FBI and the notorious maker of smartphones, laptops, and computers, Apple. The two met in court, and both sides gave their story to officials. Apple had many supporters throughout the community backing their case. The FBI wants Apple to help them write software that would crack the San Bernardino shooters phone.

At the same time, all of this was going on another crypto war was happening in Brazil. This time involving a Facebook Vice President and their sister company WhatsApp. Apparently officials in that country had requested for messages from the encrypted app service that involved drug deals. Whatsapp apparently did not turn over these messages. This is creating turmoil between the government and other entities with these new encrypted apps.

Apparently government officials are not all that great, however. The WhatsApp Messenger app is very easily hacked. In fact, there is actually an app out there just for this. If you happen to know an individual’s WhatsApp phone number you can intercept their messages before they do. This might have been a great convenience to the government if they had taken the time to do the research themselves. Stupid!

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