Who Is Cutting Down What


 Just who is doing what to the ancient forest where? In Europe, the last primeval forest is facing its last stand. This as loggers gear up and prepare to begin clear-cutting trees. This plan is underway and will be happening despite the warnings from climatologists, environmental scientists, and many other professional channels. Where is the group that is supposed to protect this and keep this from happening you ask? Being dismissed for inefficacy is where they are.


450-year-old Oak trees that tower 150 ft. in the sky will be reduced to nothing more than nubs in the ground to make cabinets, furniture, and houses! Amazon and all across South America has seen massive amounts of devastation from the cutting down of precious life-giving forests.


These forests are not being stripped and cut to the ground out of necessity. Instead, they are being destroyed for profit. To the people who cut these forest for profit I say to you go screw yourself! I hope you are the first ones to suffer on the brink of a planetary change.


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