Who Knew Beetles Were So Freaky?

If you are a woman chances are at one point or another in your life you wish you would have had the powers of the female burying beetle. This beetle has the ability to put off a pheromone when she isn’t in the mood. This pheromone is immediately picked up by male burying beetles and turns them off instantly. This pheromone that kills the mood for male burying beetles has been described as “extremely unsexy chemical signals”.



While you may be feeling bad for the male beetles, do not worry they get their day. Otherwise, the population of burying beetles would quickly die off because emitting these chemical signals also prevents the female beetle from producing eggs which are required for reproduction. The burying beetle received its name from their ability and common action of pulling the cadavers of birds and rodents underground, burying them as tasty treats.


Come to find out beetles are actually kind of freaky. Take for example death-watch beetles. These beetles attract mates by banging their heads against wood structures. Oh and then there is the male seed beetle which has an extremely long penis that is lined with spines. Last but not least we cannot forget the poor beetles known as the male Australian jewel beetle who have been known for dying of sun exposure after trying to mate with beer bottles that evidently look like female Australian Jewel beetles.

beetle 3

Who knew beetles liked to get it on so much or that there was a pheromone produced by beetles that immediately turns off their male counterparts? Shocking facts about our world that many do not know! You can check out some strange videos to support these statements as well here.

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