Who’s Really to Blame for the Epidemic of Deadly Diseases Around the World

Major diseases and epidemics are happening it seems around the world. The World Health Organization had declared the latest outbreak of Ebola to be over, but this is not true. Four people were tested, and 2 of them have been discovered to have Ebola! There are many different diseases that seem to be coming around and going away.

Either these diseases are becoming widespread and uncontrollable and being hushed by the media or the government actually is the cause of this and has the vaccines to cure the disease when people are infected. It would not be far-fetched for them to be trying these types of things on the innocent public. All they have to do is infect their swarms of mosquitoes and other insects with biological contaminants and before you know it you have a set population that is relying on a vaccine to save their life.

Only those who conform to certain ways will be given the life-saving vaccine. Others who are not part of the program will suffer whatever fate lies in their path. Could this really be what is happening not only in countries around the world but right here in the United States? Ask yourself Elizabethkingia disease, Zika Virus, Ebola, and more, is this all just a coincidence? If you think so then perhaps you are a little on the naive side. The government is pissed off about marijuana legalization and trying to find out a way to poison the planet in retaliation. All of these diseases are just part of their big plan for world domination and total control of humankind!

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