Why Did the Ministry of Defense Really Dispatch Fighter Jets?

The shocking truth is UFOs are out there and they really do exist. If you don’t believe me just ask the Ministry of Defense why they scrambled two fighter jets recently in an effort to intercept but many are saying was a possible UFO. There are many things that fly through our skies that are unexplainable. So sometimes it is the government it’s not always the case.


In this instance, we’re not sure exactly whether it was a spy plane from another country in which the Ministry of Defence was after or if it was an actual alien craft. What we do know is that it caused a Ruckus for all of those who are living nearby. It was like an all-out war had broken out in the skies. This is information and news that you will be hell-bent to find elsewhere as it is being pulled down as quick as it is put up.


The shocking truth is aliens do exist, and we now have proof of this. Proof they don’t want us to have and prove that we’re not supposed to see. Check out the video here with more information.



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