Woman Holds Up Her Word to Return Book 60 Years Later

To many people today giving your word about something doesn’t mean much. This is not the case though for people that were born in the early nineteen hundreds. When these individuals give their word unless they are just a shyster nine times out of ten, they will stick to it no matter how much it takes to come through. This was the case with a lady that recently returned a checked out and overdue library book to the Auckland New Zealand Community Library. The book was checked out in December of 1948 when the lady was but a child.

Woman In New Zealand Returns Library Book That Was 68 Years Overdue

She moved away from the area and accidentally brought the book with her. She has kept it throughout the years and upon a recent visit to Auckland to see family and friends she was able to bring the book back. What is even more shocking is that it was in excellent condition, and luckily she was not held accountable for the thousands of dollars in overdue fines.


This should be a simple and fun lesson to those of recent generations that simply do not feel that they have to live up to their word when they give it. This woman was but a child when she checked out this library book and some sixty years later she held up her end of the bargain by returning it like she agreed to when she checked it out back in 1948.

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