Woman Suing State of Michigan Over Flint Water Crisis Found Murdered

It seems as if Flint Michigan has now turned into the wild west. You remember back in the times when if had a problem with somebody, or somebody had dirt on you, and you didn’t want anyone else to find out about it you just went and shot em in the head? Sounds like something out of an old western movie right? Well, it isn’t.  In Flint Michigan where tainted water, even poisonous water, has been recognized and has brought international attention for the countless of lives that it has put in danger.


One of the first individuals to sue over this catastrophe that is still ongoing was found shot in the head in her home this week. This woman brought light to this issue and claims that the water purchased for her home has poisoned her daughter and has led efforts to find some sort of justice is there is any to be had. Sasha Bell was not the only individual found shot over this catastrophe either.


Sacorya Reed, who had also come into the limelight opposing the poison that is being sold to residents in Flint Michigan, was also found shot in the head the same day. The shocking truth is people we have allowed our government to take complete control of us. The shocking truth is they can still get away with anything they want to and will continue to poison people by the millions.


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