Women Hospitalized – Boob Exploded and Broken Ribs After Kangaroo Attack

The shocking truth is kangaroos are psychopaths crazy hip hoppity jumpity twitchy paranoid creatures. If you think kangaroos are cute, you might want to check this story out first. A woman by the name of Sharon Heinrich 45 years old was bicycling along a trail when cute adorable little kangaroo hopped down from one of the indictments and landed on Sharon taking out her and the friend she was riding with.

Not only did this adorable little kangaroo take their bikes out he ended up breaking Sharon’s tits. That’s right Sharon’s boobs exploded. She had breast implants, and the kangaroo broke one of her boobs. Also cracked three of her ribs, gave her a dead leg or a leg with no feeling in it.

She is laid up in the hospital and will now have to go through surgery to deal with both the cracked ribs and the broken boob. The broken boob was consisted of saline and silicone. The saline will leak and be absorbed into the body while the Silicon remains behind. According to Sharon, the silicon is very painful. She urges people not to stay off the trail, however. Just because her boob is broken and she can’t feel her leg she says that’s not a reason to not enjoy this beautiful trail. Some people have dedicated, and that is the shocking truth!

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