World Health Organization Warns Against Pregnancy


The shocking truth is between government experiments and pollution caused by human kind it has led to an increase in global health concerns. Zika virus has been making headlines for several months now after it rapidly infecting individuals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This epidemic has been so severe that the World Health Organization is now urging women who live in these areas where the Zika virus has been confirmed to wait before becoming pregnant.

This is the only way that they know for sure that women can avoid giving birth to children with the Zika virus, and it’s devastating birth defects. A spokeswoman for the World Health Organization stated that “it’s not saying they should delay,  they should be given the information about it and offered that as an option.” This sounds a little vague if you ask me.


If you were actually concerned you would be telling these women the truth and that is the fact is if you live in areas where the Zika virus is and you become pregnant chances are your child will be born with the virus as well as the life-altering birth defects that come with it. The shocking truth is if we do not stand up to corporations and governments around the world to make changes to prevent things like this from happening it will only get worse in the years to come.

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