World War III Is On Our Doorstep

World War III may just be on our doorstep and the shocking truth is that nobody wants to see it. Countries around the world are becoming ever more aggressive in their efforts to train their military. They are working diligently to expand their reach and to make larger the forces that they command. Nations such as India, Pakistani, Asia and North Korea are becoming increasingly more hostile towards one another. The United States of America is still pretty much the world bully sanctioning and placing embargos on those who do not conform to their ways.

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France who the United States helped to liberate is losing all respect for America with the fat headed actions that they have been so guilty of. Japan is coming back in the scene as a force to be competed with again. We all know they are phucking crazy and will stop short of nothing more than the total and complete annihilation of their people to win a war when they start one. Iraq will no longer be told what to do. The economy is crumbling. We are being fed the main course of disaster and are eating it up around the world like a free dinner!Image result for japanese army 2016




People are losing their minds and attacking large groups of innocent people while they work and eat. Have you noticed it is just 1 or 2 people attacking? Not dozens or hundreds or even thousands! What will happen to the day when 100 people attack the public or 100 or even worse 100,000? The world will be set into the inevitable path of destruction it experienced back to back with WWI and WWII. The time is getting closer and the shocking truth about it all is there is nothing you can do to prevent the plans of the 1 percenters.

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