Worst Case of Animal Hoarding Ever?

We all know that one person that has a substantial if not overwhelming amount of animals living inside of their homes. What may not be shocking is that many times these homes are filled with the feces and urine of these animals making it inhabitable for both the animals as well as the humans living in the establishment. In what may be the most extreme case of Animal Hoarding ever authorities recently discovered nearly 300 dogs living inside of a New Jersey home.

When they received a report, they expected to find roughly 80 dogs but were very surprised to actually find 276 small dogs throughout the home including Pugs, Yorkshire’s and Chihuahuas. Luckily many of these animals were in healthy condition other than their living environments. What began with eight dogs just a few years ago has now turned into an Animal Hoarding and what some would consider an animal abuse situation. This family originally had eight dogs that unfortunately had not been fixed and over the last several years there have been many litters of pups that have led to more dogs and more litters of pups, and it has been a vicious cycle.

The owners of the home and animals are being very cooperative however they still will face criminal charges. The situation was so bad that it took authorities, vets, and volunteers almost 16 hours to clear the house of all of the dogs as some of them were giving birth as they were removing others from the location. The shocking truth is what may seem like a few innocent and harmless puppies could turn into a nightmare very quickly if you do not take precaution measures and have them fixed at an early age.

The shocking truth is people if you’re actually concerned about these dogs you would have not allowed this situation to spiral out of control and would have simply given away the puppies to good homes or put them up for adoption. The shocking truth is some people will hoard anything whether it be materialistic items or living breathing animals.

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