Goldfish for Your Tea Cup

goldfish tea2
Many people around the world enjoy hot tea. From sipping a warm cup of English tea to a nice hot cup of Korean citron tea. People who drink tea and enjoy this warm beverage many ways that they like to go about making it. One of the common ways is a tea bag that is steeped inside of hot water.

Goldfish tea

Until now, however, I had never heard of drinking a goldfish in your cup of tea. My first thought was, isn’t that cruel to the fish? My second thought was to wait why would I want a fish in my tea? That’s gross. Luckily no fish were harmed in the making of this tea. The fish that go into this hot cup of tea are actually goldfish designed teabags. They have the appearance of little goldfish on the end of a string.


When added to the cup actually bring your tea to life, with a remarkably unique little design. Be ready to dish out some money if you’re looking to have goldfish tea bags. A box of 12 will run you about $35. That’s in Taiwan. Should you not live in Taiwan and look to find 12 goldfish shaped tea bags they are running $80 a box on Amazon!

If you really enjoy your tea and want a bit of a different way to spice up your favorite hot beverage then go here to order some Goldfish Teabags from Charm Villa.


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