Would You Have Taken These Items to the ISS With You?

If you were going to spend some time on the International Space Station what do you think you would take with you? I had never really contemplated this question until I ran across an article outlining some of the crazy things that went into orbit with Major Tim Peake who is a British astronaut.


This individual is spending a six-month stay on the ISS and brought some rather unique items with him. Some of the items that he brought along with him included a rugby uniform and ball, flags for Wells, Scotland, Great Britain and Stoke City, and a gorilla suit. He also brought what is known as the world’s most expensive bacon butty. He also brought along a fake tuxedo and the book “Road to the Stars.”



Something not so strange and kind of cool that was brought along with him was the Raspberry Pi. This is a credit card-sized computer that Peak uses to run children’s apps as well as to conduct experiments. He has been urging students and challenging them to try to write code that will run on the computer such as things that will turn it into an MP3 player. We would love to hear what you would take to the ISS with you if you were going to spend six months there so let us know in the comments below.

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