WTF is Justin Trudeau Doing?

This just in the shocking truth is Justin Trudeau is actually Superman. He was seen flying through what appears to be a conference hall. Some say that he was posing on the table but no mere mortal could pose in this position like this wearing a suit and tie. He was levitating, and a passerby was not slightly even amused. The truth came out later when it was told that Justin Trudeau did not like the politician behind him very much and was merely balancing himself on the table but given the guy a Canadian fart face.


Justin Trudeau can be seen smiling along with two other political figures as the individual behind him is getting the Canadian fart face by the prime minister! While Justin Trudeau is doing handstands giving the fart face the people he may not like, it seems he is doing the same to the cannabis community. Even though he said that he would legalize cannabis still twenty thousand people and counting have been arrested for cannabis charges in Canada since he was elected.


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